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Welcome TO Q2!!

Welcome, Welcome, Welcome to April: The 2nd quarter of the year..

The word for this quarter is Preparation (The action or process of making ready or being made ready for use or consideration).

What are you preparing for?

What are you making ready?

Are you preparing your business for the next season?

Are you preparing your family?

Are you preparing YOU?

Preparation positions you for the next season. To get in position invest in your family, invest in your business, and invest in yourself. Maybe it's time to update some pictures, maybe you need to enroll in some classes, maybe you should revamp that family plan, or maybe it's time to finally write the book. Whatever it is get on it, wouldn't it be awful if an opportunity presented itself and you were not ready?

Special Announcement!!


The current sessions of Divine Connections are nothing short of amazing, SOOOO, we are doing it again!! Session 2 begins on Tuesday, May 3 via zoom for $150!!

Sessions include:

  • conversations with business experts where you can ask questions and get answers,

  • one on one session time with me!!

  • tips/tools and industry secrets,

  • and so much more to take your business to the next level!!

Session dates May 3, 10, 17, 31 June 14, 28 & July 12, 26...

Can you see you making millions for the Kingdom and your family? Don't miss this amazing opportunity! Click the link below to register, I advise you to secure your seat early because they are limited!!

Share with someone you know who would love an opportunity like this...

Have an amazing week!!

Want to start journaling? I have the perfect book for's an interactive journal with entry passages to guide you to get those ideas, thoughts and things out of your head and on paper!! Get started today...order The Fragrance Journey Journal by

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